Next chat: GEHA can help protect your financial health


Our next online chat will take place on August 11 at 11 a.m. Central time. GEHA President Julie Browne will help answer your questions about our new GEHAtotal products, which include Life InsuranceShort-Term Income Protection and Accident Expense Protection.

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Health e-Report: Have a healthy pregnancy


If you’re pregnant or considering pregnancy, remember that prenatal care is essential to you and your baby's health. The July issue of Health e-Report® also includes tips to keep food safe at summer celebrations, advice on how to protect yourself from sun exposure, facts about life insurance and much more. This month's recipes include summer grilled balsamic veggies.

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Need to change your address?


Current members who need to report a change of address (or any other part of their FEDVIP enrollment information) need to contact BENEFEDS.