Plans & Benefits

GEHA welcomes you to take a look at the GEHA Connection Dental Federal® dental plan! Take a look at a few plan highlights, then click on the links below for more information:

  • Part of the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) dental plan.
  • Available to any eligible federal employee, even those not enrolled in a GEHA health plan.
  • Comprehensive dental services, from preventive care to crowns, bridges and dentures.
  • No deductibles and no waiting periods* for most services.
  • Benefits the same for in-network and out-of-network providers.
  • Two plan options: Standard Option and High Option.
  • Three coverage options: Self Only, Self Plus One, and Self and Family.
  • Premiums deducted on a pre-tax basis for active employees.
  • Premiums deducted on a post-tax basis for retired employees.

GEHA Connection Dental Federal makes it easy: members may use any dental provider they choose. GEHA pays the same level of benefits for any qualified dental provider. However, dental plan members may save money by using any in-network dentist location. Network dentists will not bill plan members for costs above their agreed-upon fees.

For more information on the GEHA Connection Dental Federal dental plan, click on:

You may also call GEHA Connection Dental Federal at (877) 434-2336 for more information.

To find a dentist in the Connection Dental® Network, click on Provider Search. GEHA health plan and dental plan members may nominate dentists to the Connection Dental Network with the Dental Provider Nomination Form.

*No waiting period for Class A, Class B or Class C services. 12-month waiting period for Class D orthodontic services.