High Option 2021

No deductibles. No waiting periods.

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For 2020 benefits, see Section 5 of the 2020 plan brochure (PDF).

2021 Plan Year High Option Benefit Schedule
What the plan pays In-network or out-of-network1
Basic – Class A
Two exams, two cleanings2 and one X-ray per calendar year
Intermediate – Class B
Fillings, extractions and periodontal maintenance
Intermediate – Class C
Root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures, periodontal surgery (implants limited to $2,500 per person/year)
Orthodontics – Class D
Adults and children
No waiting period
$3,500 lifetime maximum
Calendar year maximum
for Class A, B and C services
Unlimited per person

This is a brief description of services covered under the GEHA Connection Dental Federal plan. For a complete list of plan limitations and exclusions, please refer to the GEHA Connection Dental Federal Plan Brochure.

1 If your out-of-network dentist charges more than GEHA’s agreed-upon plan allowance for a specific service, you are responsible for the difference between the plan allowance and the out-of-network dentist’s charge plus regular coinsurance.

2 High Option plan members with certain health conditions can be eligible for a third cleaning in a calendar year if considered medically necessary

Pretreatment estimate – Before you receive treatment, estimate how much your care will cost. You or your provider can send in an itemized proposed treatment plan and we will send you and your dentist an explanation of how the services will be covered.

Orthodontic services – GEHA does not cover orthodontic services previously started with  another carrier, except for High Option members with orthodontics started under TRICARE. In-progress treatment for dependents of retiring active duty service members who were enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) will be covered for the 2021 plan year, regardless of any current plan exclusion for care initiated prior to the enrollee’s effective date.

Choosing a dentist – You have the choice of providers. However, for many services, your out-of-pocket costs may be lower when you visit in-network locations. Network providers will not bill you more than the Plan's maximum allowable charge for covered services.

Claim forms – No special claim forms are required. Just send in the itemized bill from your provider.

Limitations and exclusions – This plan has certain limits on dental coverage in order to keep plan rates affordable for you and your dependents. A complete list of plan limitations and exclusions may be found in the Plan Brochure.