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What's new for 2020

Learn about the new benefits to our dental plans:*

Unlimited annual maximum benefit.

The High Option annual benefit maximum increased to unlimited per person for combined Class A, Class B and Class C covered services.

Bitewing X-rays.
To align with industry standards, these X-rays are covered once per calendar year for adults 23 and older.

24 new CDT dental procedures codes.
We have added new codes, including D9613 — for the “infiltration of sustained-release therapeutic drug” — which was added to combat the opioid epidemic. This code provides dentists an alternative option for pain management. Dentists can place this medication at the site of a third molar (wisdom tooth) extraction instead of writing an opioid prescription. This code will be allowed for third molar extractions only, for children up to 22, and once per lifetime.

*GEHA supplemental benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB or FEDVIP programs, but are made available to all enrollees and family members who become members of GEHA.