Connection Hearing

truhearing_logo_web Free to all GEHA plan members, Connection Hearing® offers a discount hearing program through TruHearing (844.224.2712 or GEHA members receive 30% to 60% off hearing aids.

Exclusive savings
TruHearing partners with hearing-aid manufacturers to give GEHA members exclusive access to low prices on hearing aids. If you're a GEHA member, these savings are available to you! TruHearing offers an average savings of $2,100/per pair.

Personalized service
With a 95% customer satisfaction rating and more than 6,000 provider locations nationwide, you’re never far from great prices and personal service with TruHearing.

Quality and choice
TruHearing offers more than 200 of the newest hearing-aid models from top manufacturers like Signia, Starkey, Phonak, ReSound, Oticon and Widex.

It’s easy to get hearing aids with TruHearing. Here’s how it works:

1. Call TruHearing at 844.224.2712
A Hearing Consultant will answer all your questions, check your GEHA enrollment, and set up an appointment with a TruHearing audiologist or hearing instrument specialist near you.

2. Go to your appointment
At your appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive hearing exam and your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will recommend hearing aids to accommodate your hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle. Then the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will order your hearing aids from TruHearing.

3. Get full support 
When your hearing aids arrive at the audiologist or hearing instrument specialist’s office, you’ll return to have them programed and customized. Then you get full support from TruHearing: a 45-day trial period, 3-year warranty, 48 free batteries per aid, and professional follow-up visits to ensure you’re happy with your new hearing aids.
Savings Examples (per pair)
Sample product Avg. retail price TruHearing price Savings
ReSound Quattro 5
$4,854 $2,740 $2,114
TruHearing Advanced
Widex Evoke 330
$5,930 $3,450 $2,480
Phonak Audeo M30 R
$3,944 $2,500 $1,444
Starkey Livio 1000
$3,590 1,950 $1,640
Signia Nx 7
$6,830 $4,058 $2,772
Oticon OPN S 3
$4,930 $2,850

Your medical plan might also provide a benefit for hearing aids. If so, you can combine your hearing aid benefit with low TruHearing pricing to maximize your savings and minimize your out-of-pocket cost even more!

Everyone's hearing needs are unique. TruHearing makes sure you are scheduled with a local professional hearing care provider who will help you choose a hearing aid that’s right for you. Call now to learn more and schedule your appointment: 844.224.2712.

These benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB or FEDVIP programs, but are made available to all enrollees and family members who become members of GEHA.